50 hrs Yin Yoga Basic Training

The Basic Yin Yoga Training is for anyone who:

  • Is looking to deepen and gain more insight into your own Yin practice.
  • Wants to integrate Yin Yoga into the classes you already teach.
  • Wants to teach Yin Yoga classes

Yin yoga is a form of yoga in which poses are held in a relaxed way for an extended period of time, up to 5 minutes or more. The practice requires little muscle exertion, which helps develop physical relaxation and flexibility. The poses focus primarily on strengthening and loosening connective tissue and joints; they stretch deeper muscles and stimulate our life energy, Chi, Prana or also called Qi. Yin Yoga brings you energy, relaxation as well as space in body and mind.

What will you learn in this 50 hour training?

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  • Yin Yoga philosophy & basic principles of energy (Chi), Meridians and Chakras
  • Understanding Yin Yoga versus Yang Yoga
  • Functional Anatomy. You will learn about bones, muscles and connective tissue (Fascia)
  • Target Areas and functional analysis of postures
  • The 14 segments of the skeleton, 10 muscle groups, 7 archetypal poses(14-10-7)
  • 20+ Yin poses and the variations based on 14-10-7
  • Adaptations and variations for different levels/physical abilities and use of "props
  • You will learn how to teach Yin Yoga professionally.
  • Sequencing using different themes
  • Communicating effectively, working out your script (function and aesthetics)
  • Responsibilities and ethics of a yoga teacher
  • And of course how to improve your own Yin practice

What will the teaching days look like?

The teaching days will be a variety of Theory, Learning by doing and Yin Practice. You will receive a very comprehensive syllabus but in addition we recommend purchasing the following books:

– The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark
– The Key Muscles of Yoga by Ray Long



Amsterdam Level 1
Friday 12th of January | 13:30-19:00
Saturday 13th of January | 9:30-17:45
Sunday 14th of January | 9:30-17:45

Friday 26th of January | 13:30-19:00
Saturday 27th of January | 9:30-17:45
Sunday 28th of January | 9:30-17:45

Bluebirds Oost | Louise Wentstraat 186, Amsterdam

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