Yin Yoga Continuing Education

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Yin Yoga

An in-depth three days study – 25 hours of Continuing Education (Yacep)

Learn how to combine the 5 elements theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupressure points and yin postures.

This three-day training is specifically designed for (yin) teachers and students who wish to learn or deepen their knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

An important part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the Elements theory, with the elements:  Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Everything that exists, physical as well as spiritual, human & nature can be qualified within these 5 elements. Such as the seasons, parts of the day, organs, tastes, colors, directions and emotions.

To balance means that your energy flows smoothly between all the elements.

Join us on a journey through the 5 elements and discover which element dominates your personality. Are you more of a Water, Wood, Fire, Earth or Metal type?

Learn what role each element plays in energy balance, its effect on the body, emotions and thoughts and how to improve this energy balance for yourself and your students.

When the energy flows smoothly with the movements you feel fit and emotionally balanced.

The 5 elements theory can give you insights for you and your students on how to become more balanced in your life.

What will you learn?


  • 3 Treasures (San Bao).
  •  5 main substances (Qi, Jing, Xue, Shen and Jin Ye)
  •  3 Baos and the different types of Qi
  •  5 element theory (in-depth) Wu Xing


  • Stages of the Tao and their movement
  • Translation and recognition of different pathologies within the 5 elements and how to recognize and harmonize them into nourishing/weakening/controlling/offending. (Ke Cylce and Sheng Cicle)
  • TCM knowledge of the organs Zang (Yin organs) Fu (Yang organs)
  • Five Evils & Five seasons
  • Archetypes per element: Qualities & Characteristics (virtue), Challenges, Emotions and Yin Yang expressions
  • Seasonal movements
  • TCM nutrition facts,
  • Organ clock

Yin Yoga

  • Yin yoga Poses, Meridians and Acupressure points
  • Meditation
  • Yin & Yang Pranayama
  • 5 elements Sequencing
    • Shen cycle
    • Organ clock
    • Time of day

This training is taught by Hellen van der Harten lead of the Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Bluebirds and José Meulemans, acupuncture & nutrition and Yin Yoga teacher.

Hellen and Jose have similar Yin Yoga backgrounds. Both started practicing and learning with Anat Geiger many years ago and then continued their studies with Paul and Suzee Grilley where they met. During the last joint training the plan was born to work together and create a unique study weekend for anyone interested in TCM & Yin Yoga.

Dates and times:

March 22/23/24

Friday: 13.30-19.00h

Saturday and Sunday: 9.30-17.30h


Early bird price: 345 euros (until 15th of February 2024)

Regular price: 395 euros

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-Yin Therapy-

Deep dive into hands-on adjustment, the use of props and more

An in-depth two days study – 15 hours of Continuing Education (Yacep)

In this two-days Continuing Education weekend you will learn about the most common physical and mental complaints and how to use, props, the wall and hands-on assistance to further help and support your students in their healing process through Yin Yoga. You will learn techniques that you can use in your classes as well as techniques for 1 on 1 treatments.

For whom:
A two-day training for Yin teachers and students who want to learn more about possible modifications using props, wall and hands/body assistance in Yin Yoga.

What will you learn?

Hands on adjustments (based upon Thai massage techniques)

Teach and receive Assisted Yin

How to use Props & Belts in the Yin poses

How to translate Yin poses using the wall (+use of props)

Hands on

Physical touch can help deepen the teacher-student bond. To touch and be touched is a testament to trust, a nod to mutual affection. Touch can soothe, encourage, and immediately ground us in our bodies and the moment.

Assisted Yin is a routine I learned from my teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley and is designed to provide some of the yin benefits while working with a partner.  The hands-on techniques we learned will be applied here as well.

You will learn to give and receive Assisted Yin.

Assisted Yin can be relaxing and beneficial, both for experienced yogis who feel they can fully surrender, and for absolute beginners who can just relax while being worked on.

Props offer tremendous benefits. Props can be an extension of our body, like a strap lengthening our arms or legs, or connecting one part of the body to another. Props can also lift the Earth to us as we ground down or support us when we want to release the tension of holding a pose. Props can also  add pressure and weight to allow us to rest, giving our nervous system the extra signal it needs to down-regulate.

One of my favorite props is the wall. Yin poses where we use the wall has an even deeper and more relaxing effect. For students with physical (especially back) complaints, it is a great way to still be able to practice Yin Yoga.

The weekend is a mix of learning and experience.

Besides (theoretical) explanations we will mainly work with each other and we will practice the learned techniques extensively.

Dates and times:

April 20/21

Saturday and Sunday: 9.30 -17.00h


Early Bird price: 199 euro until the 20th of March

Regular price: 225 euro

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